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Testing your hemp plants T-C, C-D and C-G content in under 5 minutes.

The dude-on-the-couch method of quality control doesn’t work anymore, There’s no real way to figure out what the T-C, C-D and C-G levels are without testing.

Potency Testing

The technology is CE & ROHS compliant and has been validated by a certified testing laboratory to meet applicable international IEC/EN standards. The testing equipment is designed and built in Israel and available worldwide


The technology improves with experience. Performance and accuracy are driven by a proprietary tool-set of advanced mathematical tools and statistical models specifically adopted and continuously fine-tuned over the years for analyzing hemp.
Thousands of samples, sourced worldwide, have been analyzed at the  ISO 17025 certified analytical laboratory in Israel, creating the world’s largest proprietary database of  hemp flower spectra.

Machine Learning

The technology uses Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS) to analyse light by breaking down sample light beams into their constituent wavelengths.
The spectrum obtained for each sample highlights the relative signal at each wavelength and, by comparing a sample spectrum with a known (or reference) spectrum, valuable information about the composition and potency of hemp is obtained. Spectrometers are widely used in the agricultural and pharmaceutical industries.


NIR Spectroscopy

The technologies visible image analysis capabilities, powered by motion mechanics, allow for optimal positioning of the NIR spectrometer at desired locations and distances from the analyzed sample and measuring spectra at multiple locations for best possible performance and accuracy.

Image Analysis

- Dry flower 

- Trim

- Concentrates (R-O, B-O and Ro-s-in)


What can we test?

Home grows -
Commercial grows /  hemp  farms -
Processors -
Edible makers -
Social clubs -


Who do we test for?

Screen Shot 2020-05-10 at 4.06.10 PM.png

We have various deals to suit your pocket:


- Individual tests - R150-00


- Individual tests - R225-00

What does it cost?


Is your home grown hemp is safe to store and consume?

(aW) is a widely used metric for food and pharmaceutical safety

It is critical for predicting growth of bacteria, yeasts, mold, oxidation .

Ideal water activity  is btw 0.55 – 0.65.


Low aW under 0.55, means product is too dry, trichomes are brittle, and less potent or destroyed, compromising quality.

High water activity, above 0.65, means product is too wet, possibly causing contamination and mold, exposing consumers to unnecessary risks

Water Activity

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