the team at ubuntu genetics are what some people may call borderline obsessed. we decided to call it unconditional love for the Cannabis plant. 

responsible adult usage. 



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with high quality genetics on the way, unmatched nutrients, and simplified hydroponic growing systems - the crew really brings you up to speed with what works and what doesn't. 

ubuntu Cannabis has been carefully selecting world class genetics, from various sources, and breeding them with african land-race cultivars to give the genetics that basterkrag. 


careful consideration is given when determining the correct pheno-types to pair, focusing on observing chemo-types and geno-types. this crossing of top international strains, paired with african land-races, gives the home grower the ability to grow top shelf genetics, with fantastic yields, and minimal hassles in the comfort of their own private space.

(coming soon.)
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home growing for Responsible Adult Use (RAU)
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