the team at ubuntu genetics are what some people may call borderline obsessed. we decided to call it unconditional love for the Cannabis plant. 

responsible adult usage. 




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with high quality genetics on the way, unmatched nutrients, and simplified hydroponic growing systems - the crew really brings you up to speed with what works and what doesn't. 

ubuntu Cannabis has been carefully selecting world class genetics, from various sources, and breeding them with african land-race cultivars to give the genetics that basterkrag. 


careful consideration is given when determining the correct pheno-types to pair, focusing on observing chemo-types and geno-types. this crossing of top international strains, paired with african land-races, gives the home grower the ability to grow top shelf genetics, with fantastic yields, and minimal hassles in the comfort of their own private space.

(coming soon.)

as with most Cannabis enthusiasts, we dream of breeding those perfect, stable strains that will leave a mark on time, but until we have this down to an art, we will keep striving for better. the breeding team at ubuntu cannabis select high quality Cannabis cultivars which are able to withstand our country's climate. this gives the home grower a way to grow high quality Cannabis that is capable of being sun-grown. the team is working tirelessly at stabilizing their first in-house strain so keep your eyes peeled for their first drop. 

plant feed

water soluble salt based nutrients, that were formulated with specifically Cannabis in mind. ubuntu cannabis' nutrient line can make any bag seed worthy of a Cannabis cup. the program comes in four parts and is able to supply plant food from seed until harvest. as easy as ready, set, go. although it serves no benefit to soil microbial activity, ubuntu Cannabis nutes can easily be added to soil based mediums to aid in any deficiencies that may be present. salt based nutrients enable your Cannabis plants to spend less time growing roots to search for adequate nutrition, and more time growing fruit.

home growing for Responsible Adult Use (RAU)

with over 15 years of hydroponic and growing experience behind them, the team at ubuntu Cannabis offer tried and tested techniques that not only enable the home grower to grow quality Cannabis, but also have a Cannabis specific range of hydroponic nutrients that are as easy to use as ready, set, go.  an emphasis on "designed by growers, for growers" is instilled within their ethos, and becomes the foundation for everything they do.  ubuntu nutrients and the bliss uGrow kits make hydroponic cannabis not only a possibility, but will soon be your preferred choice of home growing.

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