3 tier worm farm.

3 tier worm farm.


3 Tier worm farm


worm composting / vermi composting is the best way to get rid of all your vegetable scraps.

Place some shredded paper in the middle tier, wet the paper, add your worms, and let them settle for 3 days. Start adding your vegetable scraps. Less is more at this stage.

Worms eat their won bodyweight in a day, so do not over feed especially in the first few weeks.


Worms can be ordered online from Bio-Cast SA


Tap in bottom tier for leachate.


Worms not includede

  • Red Wigglers are by far the most popular choice of composting worm for a lot of reasons. Firstly because they can tolerate a wide range of temperatures, unlike African Night Crawlers. Secondly because they are top feeders making them ideal for modern multilevel worm farms


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