uGrow harvest kit

uGrow harvest kit


uBuntu Cannabis harvest kit


everything you need to succesfully harvest and cure your home grown Cannabis.


this is your starter pack. do not hesitate to purchase more jars to cure the flower from those big harvests you had.

Extra jars
    • 1 x 3lt branded curing jar,

    • 1 x professional pruning scissors, 

    • 1 x 8g 2 way humididty pack, 

    • 2 x alcohol swabs for cleaning scissors, 

    • 1 x branded jar with 4 surgical gloves, 

    • 1 x private invite and a free rosin press at the rosin club, 

    • 4 x cable  harness' and 1.5m twine to hang harvested flowers for drying.


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