In this genetic, we find the original strain CHEMDOG of 1991 from Montana, rediscovering a fantastic plant, medium-sized, plenty of closed flowers that are light green in colour, covered with dark orange hairss, rich in trichomes with high resin production.

  • Description

    It has a sweet taste of lemon mixed with pine, the smell is pungent and intense typical of Diesel.
    The effect is typical of plants with a Sativa dominance, very strong and energizing suitable for daily use, recommended for social events and light physical activity.
    It’s a Genetic that can be used for medical purposes, in particular for those who suffer from mood disorders, anxious and agitated behaviours, nausea, and motor disorders.


    INDICA 35%
    SATIVA 65%
    LINEAGE Original strain Montana
    HEIGHT 1,50 m
    FLAVOUR Sweet, clean taste of lemon with diesel and pine veins
    EFFECT Too energetic and strong. Suitable for day use. Special for social gatherings and light sports activities
    FLOWER 8 – 10 weeks
    OUTDOOR half / end September
    YELD 450 gr indoor / 600 gr outdoor
    THC 19 – 20%
    CBD 0,8 – 1,0

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