Mandarine Purple Kush


We are proud to show you this strain from two strains bred in U.S.A.: Auto Deadman OG from Colorado and Auto Purple Kush from Oakland, California.

  • Description

    This crossing generates good harmony between flavours and has medicinal properties. The first one brings rocky buds full of chunky white trichomes and the Auto Purple Kush produces purple colors, giving the plant a simple structure; it is very resistant to parasites.

    Its fresh taste is penetrating, with a note of mandarin and lime


    INDICA 40%
    SATIVA 60%
    HEIGHT /
    FLAVOUR Mandarin, lime
    EFFECT Cerebral, uplifted, happy
    FLOWER 4 – 5 weeks
    OUTDOOR from March to November (Northern hemisphere)
    YELD 250 / 300 gr
    THC 20 – 22%
    CBD 0,34

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