LECA (Hydroton)


Leca® is a Lightweight Expanded Clay, formed by the heating and firing of clay in a rotary kiln, at temparatures of up to 1150°C. The process transforms the clay into various lightweight ceramic granules, which have a hard ceramic shell and a porous core.

Leca® is the world leader in horticultural, agricultural & hydroponic substrates and your first choice in lightweight building aggregates.

  • Benefits of Leca®

    Manufactured to relevant ISO standards, Leca® is consistent in nature:

    • pH neutral
    • stable & durable
    • anti-fungal
    • resistant to insects
    • saves water
    • lightweight
    • stimulates root growth
    • retains moisture keeping soil cool


  • Leca® uses

    Leca® uses

    • Top layer
    • Drainage media
    • Planting-up soil conditioner (moisture trap)
    • Vermiculite / Perlite replacement
    • Hydroponic media
    • Aquaponic media
    • Orchid media
    • Propogation / cuttings

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