This plant is a new entry of the 2018/19 season, the genetic work starts with various selections made in North America between 3 very powerful varieties that lead this line to have a high THC content (28%).
Although it is dominant, this variety has the ability to leave the mind bright and active, while keeping the body relaxed. all our team is pleasantly surprised by this result ensuring a daily use!

  • Description

    Given its high potency, it is another variety that is often used in US medical dispensaries for various diseases, such as in cases of severe migraines, loss of appetite, muscle spasms, cramps and many other therapeutic uses.Grizzly Breathe is a lineage to follow in the next years of its development, its complex aromas give space to the broadest imagination, diesel, tropical notes and sweets, some earthy and musky notes are some of the accents of this incredible variety that GuruplantGenetik wants to make know in Europe.

    Its effects are very cerebral, a wave of energy and well-being rises rapidly in the head, this variety tends to increase the creativity and the final phase gives way to a pleasant relaxation of the body.


    INDICA 70%
    SATIVA 30%
    HEIGHT 1,30-1,60 m
    FLAVOUR Really complex flavor, diesel with fresh fruit hint, earthy and musk
    EFFECT You’ll feel intensely happy and uplifted.
    FLOWER 8 – 9 weeks
    OUTDOOR mid september / early October (Northern hemisphere)
    YELD 350 / 400 gr indoor
    THC 28 – 30%
    CBD 1,0 – 1,4

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