Electronic Dab rig (e-nail) Quartz

Electronic Dab rig (e-nail) Quartz


Electronic Dab rig (e-nail)Quartz with terp balls (glow in the dark)


Since the dawn of dabs, dabbers have relied on butane torches, a rather inefficient & imprecise tool for heating quartz bangers and nails. As soon as the torch flame loses contact with the dab rig nail, it begins to rapidly cool. Too hot of a nail and you’re left with a plasticky tasting dab, while too cold of a nail and the dab won’t heat or give off as much vapor as it should. Also, torches require butane refills which can be costly. eNails and e-rigs have effectively eliminated the reliance on the butane needed to power your torch, saving you both time and money. And let’s face it, we all have that friend that probably shouldn’t be trusted with a high-powered torch flame in your family living room.




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