Coir Peat Fibre Block 5kg. Includes Calcium Nitrate for Buffering

Coir Peat Fibre Block 5kg. Includes Calcium Nitrate for Buffering


Watch how to prepare and buffer Coco Coir/ Peat


Coir fibre is manufactured from Cocos plumosa. Our coir is of the finest quality, EC levels below 1 mS/cm which makes it an ideal growing medium for plants. Coir fibre has a high water holding capacity and can hold 11 times its weight in water.


There are cation exchange sites in coco that will interfere with nutrient availability until they are buffered. The cation exchange sites in coco naturally come loaded with sodium (Na) and potassium (K) cations. However, the Na and the K are only weakly held to the exchange sites. In the presence of calcium (Ca) or magnesium (Mg), the sites will release their Na or K cations and lock onto the Ca or Mg. These processes are known as “cation exchanges”.

Buffering coco is accomplished by soaking it in Ca and Mg, Calcium Nitrate @50gr per liter water for 8 hours. This allows the cation exchanges to take place prior to adding plants. Simply soak your coco in a solution of Cal/Mag water and the exchange sites will release their K and Na cations and lock onto the Ca and Mg. When the cation exchange sites bond with Ca and Mg rather than Na and K, it is “buffered”. The bonds that hold the Ca and Mg to the sites are very strong and cation exchange will largely stop. This means that all of the nutrients that you add will be available to your medical cannabis plants for adult personal use in your private space, growing in your Canna-Bliss grow system.


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