With a worldwide success, after smoking it in the clubs around the world with their heady scents; we have started selection of these new genetics with unique traits.

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    In collaboration with 2 U.S. breeder, we crossed our best banana KUSH obtained from the genetic traits of two varieties that come directly from California, (OG Kush of the West Coast and Skunk Haze) with the best ice cream and gorillas also selected in California. The result is an extraordinarily com-pact plant despite being dominant Sativa.
    With a sweet, fruity and inebriating aroma; very powerful and lasting effects will make you dream with its high values of THC and CBD. Chanty is a plant with a flowering and a very compact structure similar an indica, designed to make the best use of indoor spaces, a good produc-tion accompanied by an incredible fragrance.

    Due to its high THC content, this variety is suitable for experienced smokers, with energetic and creative effects and suitable for daytime use. Its sweet fruity scent with a banana aftertaste gives way to a pleasant and lasting effect that takes over the whole body, suddenly making the day pleasant and positive.


    INDICA 40%
    SATIVA 60%
    HEIGHT 1,20 – 1,50 m
    FLAVOUR Extra sweet, with a strong banana aftertaste
    EFFECT It is a great energizing diary, with clear effects, leaving the mind to perform any kind of activities.
    FLOWER 8 – 9 weeks
    OUTDOOR mid September / early October (Northern hemisphere).
    YELD 400 gr indoor
    THC 25 – 27%
    CBD 0,9 – 1,2

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