Bliss mini rosin press

Bliss mini rosin press

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Mini Rosin Press


Light weight, easy to use home rosin heat press


Press your flower into the cleanest purest form of extracts. Solventless extracts are the new way of consumption, as there is no need for solvents, therefore no contamination and risk of consuming extract that are not properly purged.


Dabbing rosin gives a taste experience that will never be experienced with flower, and none of the biomass is consumed. Use the left over puk (biomass) for cannabutter, tea or even grind it up and roll a J, as this is a nice alternative to help you stop smoking cigarettes, replacing the habbits associated with tobacco consumption.


No need for filter bags when pressing 2 or 3 grams of flower in the rosin press. All you need is parchment (baking paper) not wax paper. Be sure to NOT USE wax paper.





  • Weight: 6kg

    Power: 400W

    Heat Plate size: 5*7cm

    Pressure:1 Ton

    Packing size: 30*19*37cm


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