Bliss closet MODUGrow LED Light 90W Full Spectrum


90 W LED Full Spectrum Grow light


This light is perfect for those stealth closet grows, or even, for open air house plant grows, where you realise you do not need to hide your plant. No noise, passive cooling makes this a very unobtrusive grow light in living areas.




  •  Highest PPE led technology availabe 3.03 μmol/J using the

       Samsung LM301H leds

  • Can be cleaned with high pressure hose IP65
  • Passive cooling
  • Optional dimming control
  • Simple refurbishment of LED module at end of life 50K hours
  • Slim design
  • Connect up to 20 lights on a daisy chain




Suggester accesories
  • End of life refurbishment

    • Simple refurbishment of LED module at end of life 50K hours.
    • No need to throw this light away at the end of its life, bring it in and have the LED's and driver replaced saving you money.


  • Electrical Specifications

    • Nominal Input Voltage: 198VAC - 264VAC
    • Power Input 90Watts
    • Power Factor >0.98
    • Current @ 230VAC 0.4Amps
    • Inrush current 36Amps
    • Led Power 84Watts
    • Power Supply Effeciency 94%
    • Surge capability (L/N-Ground) 1Ka
    • Surge capability (L-N) 2Ka
    • Approval marks – approval CCC / CE / RCM / ENEC 05
    • Standards Acc. to IEC 61347-1/Acc. to IEC 61347-2-
    • 13/Acc. to IEC
    • 62384/Acc. to IEC 61000-3-2/Acc. to IEC
    • 61000-3-
    • 3/Acc. to IEC 61547
    • Driver Life Span 35000h @ TC Point of 65˚C
    • 50000h @ TC Point of 75˚C
    • Operating temperature (Ta): -40˚C to +55˚C

    IP Rating IP62

  • LED Specifications

    • LED Type 192 x Samsung LM301H
    • Photosynthetic Photon Flux (μmol PAR/s): 0.54 μmol/s
    • PAR Photon Efficacy (μmol PAR/J): 3.03 μmol/J
    • LED Colour 3500K
    • L70 Life Span 50000h
  • Construction

    • Materials Aluminium 6063 T6, PMMA cover
    • Brackets Stainless steel
    • Length, Height, Width 324mm, 146mm, 241mm
    • Weight 3.2

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