Back To The 90's


For lovers of indica strain we have combined these two varieties that are giving us every week great satisfaction. Our best male of Beatnikush, an exceptional phenotype for the relationship between its dimensions, for the huge leaves, for its vitality, vigor and strength deserves to be united to the best Pre bubba 98‘ that jealously guard our Team.

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    The result of two indica so powerful is a plant with indica structure but with a sativa force and vigor that rarely can be glimpsed in this species. Back to the 90 ‘is designed for those who love an evening grass that allows you to disconnect with the outside world. Its flowers as hard as stone and loaded with resin will leave your palate with an aroma of earthy – mineral which, when exhaled, transforms into a pleasant aftertaste of coffee. Its effects are completely sedative, a form of heavy relaxation takes over the whole body after just 5-10 minutes, as the high continues, you’ll feel sleepy and sedated with a full-body that slowly pulls you into a deep and peaceful sleep.

    It is often associated with therapeutic patients for sleep disorders, patients with symptoms of bipolarity and depressive trauma.


    INDICA 90%
    SATIVA 10%
    HEIGHT 1,50-1,80 m
    FLAVOUR Earthy, coffee note
    EFFECT Heavily sedating, great for insomnia
    FLOWER 8 – 9 weeks
    OUTDOOR mid September / early October (Northern hemisphere)
    YELD 350 – 400 gr indoor
    THC 21%
    CBD 1,0 – 1,3

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