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the team at uBuntu Cannabis are what some people may call borderline obsessed. we decided to call it unconditional love for the Cannabis plant. 

responsible adult usage. 




from grow to smoke

what we offer

  • uGrow kit

  • uGrow harvest kit

  • bag to basics (stash bag)

  • Potency testing


the team at canna-bliss have developed a simple, easy to use, grower involved system that allows responsible adults to cultivate their own cannabis for personal use in private without breaking the bank as with traditional hydroponic systems.

the kit comes complete with

* 25 liter uGrow root booster pot

* Overflow tray

* rinsed and buffered coco / perlite 70/30 mix

* uBuntu ready, set, go - grow crazy cannabis specific hydroponic nutrients. 

* 1 x free seed. choose between white skunk and heavyweight CBD

* 1 seed germination jiffy pellet

uGrow harvest kit

everything you need to succesfully harvest and cure your home grown cannabis

  • 1 x 3lt branded curing jar

  • 1 x professional pruning scissors

  • 1 x 8g 2 way humididty pack

  • 2 x alcohol swabs for cleaning scissors

  • 1 x branded jar with 4 surgical gloves

  • 1 x private invite and a free rosin press at the rosin club

  • 4 x cable  harness' and 1.5m twine to hang harvested flowers for drying.


we all need that one place that we can keep all our smoke accessories. the bliss #bagtobasics hemp bag is all you need to complete your responsible adult smoking experience in private. the #bagtobasics hemp bag consists of:

1 x branded hemp & organic cotton drawstring bag

1 x canna-bliss herb grinder

1 x canna-bliss storage puk (while stocks last)

2 x karma nutrigloo unbleached rolling papers

1 x karma seed paper tips

1 x karma bee friendly seeded tips

2 x karma pre-roll cones

all this for only R710.00 including delivery.

bag to basics
potency testing

how is this done?

This patented solution combines 3 state-of-the-art technologies widely used in the pharmaceutical and agricultural industries:

·       Spectroscopy
·       Image Analysis
·       Machine Learning

Combined these deliver rapid, reliable, real-time result

The  proprietary patent-pending device collects spectral data from cannabis specimens, and is CE, RoHS and UL-certified. The data is analyzed on the  secure cloud server, and, in less than a minute, reliable composition and potency readings are transmitted to the user’s smartphone. The analysis is enabled through a combination of several different technologies, including image analysis, data analytics, and spectrometry− an FDA-endorsed technology.

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